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With Me, With You

Dear Little One,

How dreamlike it is to realize you are growing inside of me at this very moment. Knowing our life will completely change come November 30th, is absolutely unreal in the most blessed way. You were not necessarily planned but at the same time you were not unplanned. That statement is slightly confusing so let us put it this way, your dad and I have always known embracing a family of our own was a life of love and purpose. We had discussed wanting to to begin a family in the summer. There was a different plan though that God new about as he watched over us in the stars.

Come late February you were with me and I with you.

I plan to continue journaling this adventure with you, so that one day, your curious mind can look back at the memories captured and know there is great love in this wild world.

Keep on growing little one… its going to be quite the ride.


PS: These journal entries may be personal but I want to share them anyways, because more than anything for this blog, I want it to be truthful and authentic. I hope everyone feels empowered through that sentiment with each word. – Xo!

Sunday, May 7th (Week 10)


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  1. MB says

    Beautiful! I’m happy that you will be journaling your adventures in motherhood and so excited for the journey ahead!


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