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Lost In a World

Flipping through pages we dive deep touching the atmosphere of another world. Our minds wander with the written words of an artist lost in thought. Nerves tingle with new knowledge and we suddenly become attached to this unfamiliar world. We embrace it as our own for just a little while every day, until reality blows the pages shut.


A book seems so simple: a writer, concept, pen, and paper, but this is a facade. Books leave us legacies to remember, unheard stories, and magical galaxies across a multitude of lands… space. It takes true grit for an author to put their whole heart into hundreds of pages that may or may not be welcomed by readers. I appreciate this courage, whether the book I read ends up being more of a flop than a success. Writing for Cinnamon Starlight encompasses the same concept. Books are meant to inspire the mind and soul with ideas to enrich daily life. I remember the first book I read entirely out loud to my parents, Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. I was so proud for not having stumbled too often on the letters and words. Dyslexia is very prevalent in my daily life and I have fought to gain my ability to read smoothly with purpose. Reading has become an outlet of mine to find peace or excitement in times of need.


Recently, I discovered the website Good Reads, which has helped build a list of books I want to finish by the end of the year! This platform is motivational for anyone who wishes to tackle their New Year reading list. Good Reads almost acts like an online book club where you can join discussions, review books, and/or set personal goals. It is better though because you have more independence and choice.


In December I read Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden. I got lost in a world of…

Bright silk woven with expectation,

Loss of family, free will, and friendship,

The reality of sweet cherry blossoms kissing rubbish left on the roads from war,

Love almost never found, hidden in the abyss of heartbreak, Yet later flourishing with time.

And the journey of a unique girl who becomes a woman having to fight through constant obstacles.

Honestly, the idea of reading Memoirs of a Geisha intimidated me somewhat because the multitude of names I am not sure how to pronounce and curiosity towards cultural differences. Golden brings so much life into the book through the main character, Sayuri. She is observant always describing little details, from the rotten fish baking on the ground to the emotional movement of dance that overcomes a geisha’s body. Sayuri’s spirit is one of a dreamer and I relate to her in that sense. Always her mind wonders to the ones she cares for and her spirit prevails.

151Arthur Golden reminded me how different this world is across cultures and that loVe transcends time.

*This month I have been reading The Sun Is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon and will update everyone what I think about it soon! – Stay in touch! XoXo

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