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Denim Dreams

One leg steps into a pair of faded blue pants. Then wobbling to keep balanced, the next leg settles as her foot discovers an opening to reach the ground. Hooking her fingers through the belt loops, she wiggles into the tightly woven fabric. While in sync with a few jumps (more so looking like a dance in honor of the day), a slight stretch helps the pant fit to perfection around her waist.

downlayThere is something about wearing a great pair of denim jeans that can seem down to earth and sexy all at once. Remember the time when we all walked around in leggings 24/7? In actuality most of us still do, because who does not loVe the modern freedom spandex offers throughout the day-to-day life of women. Now though, at 22, instead of feeling uncomfortable and itchy, I search for the perfect pair of fitted jeans. I never realized until recently it is not the style that previously influenced my hatred of the pant, it was the fact that I had not learned quality jeans make all the difference. Think, you could have six cheaper jeans that you hope will get worn all the time, but in actuality you try them on every morning soon resorting back to leggings… the jeans were falling down too much, the stitching was scratching at your skin, or maybe they just didn’t accentuate your curves the perfect way. To find one or two pairs of impeccably made jeans changes that typical morning attitude to encompass a sassy confidence!


Three places I highly recommend for jeans to last a lifetime (Seriously, quality jeans last forever so it is a well thought out investment!): J. Crew, Anthropologie, and Bebe. At J. Crew and Bebe I actually bought my jeans probably 75% off. Stalk these two stores and wait for the sale! J.Crew. leans toward a more slim body figure, Bebe is great for a curvy/athletic figure, and Anthropologie works for most body types. In actuality, choosing what jean looks best on you and how many are in your drawer is completely a personal preference… So live life with what makes you feel beautiful. ❤

mirrorThere is nothing more timeless and sexy than a simple top, paired with denim cut like a dream (Okay, a little black dress can be pretty sexy too but that’s to be discussed another time ;)!

Fashion Essentials:

High Waisted Ankle Cropped Jeans: Anthropologie (Adriano Goldschied)

White Sheer Peasant Shirt: Free People

Blue Felt Hat: Tommy Bahama

Black Leather Booties: Coach

Longlasting Lipstick: Estee Lauder (Pure Color, Pinkberry Cream 82)

Eye Shadow: Urban Decay (Naked Pallet 3)


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