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Wanderlust in Santa Rosa

Most call wanderlust a trend… a trending travel word, a trending thought process. After at least 3 years of hearing and reading this word from college friends, magazines, and even professors, wanderlust is here to stay. Wanderlust is a trend no longer but now more so a dreamer’s way of approaching life with an inexorable determination to dive deep into the invisible boundaries between cultures.


Personally, I love the concept of wanderlust. In college stepping through classrooms I would hear peers talk about how they have wanderlust. I sometimes have to admit a bad twinge of annoyance was hidden under a happy ambiance. I graduated with a fashion merchandising degree. Often, people do not view the degree seriously, but just as most in college this degree was earned through tears, sleepless nights, and 1,440 days of hard work. Okay enough of my rambling, the point of bring up my degree is that I know these girls who are beautifully bright. Yet, they would sit before class scrolling through Instagram proclaiming the desire of wanderlust in their hearts, followed with statements like “I want to be her”, “Why can’t I have her life?”, or “How does she have so many followers?”. To be honest, I think these statements partly bothered me because I sometimes felt them during insecure moments, but also because no one should wish they were someone else, or find jealousy in numbers. We are all given gifts and instead of wishing for more, my goal is to use these gifts to reach you, my readers, with truly transparent content. You are extremely important to me because it means I am inspiring or speaking to someone who I probably don’t even know, which gives an amazing sense of purpose.

dancenicbeachcoatIs that not a part of wanderlust? Sharing ideas and content with people across a great distance (even through the computer)? The best part of trying new things and traveling is not always the mouth-watering cappuccinos or the bewitching architecture… wanderlust at large ends up being about the unique people one encounters along the way. It is the people who make a place whole.

coffeestandcoffeeRecently, I took a trip with my in-laws and husband to Santa Rosa, Florida where we stayed in a community called Watercolor. Wow, what a beautiful place that encompasses everything in a bloggers dream: Capu-mochas, large open pastel houses surrounded by palm trees, biking trails, a little town resembling the Gilmore Girls Stars Hallow (except think cute Key West), a local book store, painting galleries, and little gift shops (a very Anthropologie vibe). The community has a perfect mesh of charming style and a relaxed attitude: From the chill guy working at the coffee shop who handled our utterly confused family of 6 not knowing what to order, to the girl sitting at another table wearing red lipstick with a nautical shirt, rugged jeans, Tori Birch sandals, and a WordPress account open on her computer, to across the street at the book shop, where the sales associate began to recognize and laugh with me (considering I had visited probably 6 times in the span of two days).

These interactions paint a picture of Santa Rosa to keep.

If you have a case of wanderlust… Santa Rosa is for you.




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