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Fallen Twigs

On the floor,

Palms facing up,

Eyes open,

About to soar,

One leg moves.

Arms rise,

Feathers caress skin,

And then God proves,

There is more,

Because she knows how to roar.

With faith,

Her wings flutter.

Yet, she defied life.

Left everything behind.

Melting polaroids,

Cannibalized in memory.

They were together,

Together in treachery.

There was turmoil,

In her saddened soul.

Tears caught by his hand,

Only to shatter into sand.

Life caused destruction,


Quiet misery.

Darts through the heart.

Underneath fallen twigs,

She searched uncontrollably,

To find the girl they remembered,


Before the war.

But in the quest,

With each touch,

More crumbling.

She was shaken.

Now though, it is time.

Time to be taken,

To be a warrior in the sky.


Sometimes we may not know how to help our closest friends or even the girl/boy next door but lets make sure every day to say hello, smile, and give those who need some loVe a hug. We never know what may be going on in the depths of another’s mind so let’s take a stand to not be the person who is too busy or who does not understand. If you or someone you know needs some help visit


(PHOTO BY: Russel James)


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