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Cinnamon Starlight

Running into midnight,
We collide into iridescent starlight.
One kiss, one love, one touch,
I don’t need much.
Because I have you, under the falling stars
That taste like warm cinnamon
Brightening my heart.
And with each spin
The stars transform into confetti
A celebration to always remember.
Have you felt your feet leave the ground,
The sound of the rain on a window,
Wind flowing through golden greens,
Or the melodies that inspire?
Have you felt your soul flutter,
Beat into abyss,
And then believe in the indescribable?
Love is not something to be searched,
Or found, but felt.
You look into her precious eyes,
Seemingly built upon the purest amber.
They dance with your breath.
Her little hand reaches high.
His hand grabs tight,
Mine on hers and his on mine.
Remember when the days went on
With no fear of lost memories.
Love has no boundaries.
Baby hold tight, it’s everlasting.
Some discount love as a setback,
An obstacle to accomplishing dreams.
But who said we had to pick teams?
Emotions intensified with the views I’ve seen,
Climbing backwards, climbing sideways, climbing forwards
We climb together.
Views of hospital beds, riptides, and separation through sleepless nights,
Oh, what great heights.
Views of freckled skin, Sunday dinners, and hikes through the Spanish seasides.
Oh, what great tides.
Sacred are these days,
Surrounded by starlight.
That taste of cinnamon.
This is a life built upon love,
A love to last a lifetime.



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  1. Aunt Re says

    Beautiful as the life you have created for yourself.
    Keep speaking from your soul …the truest form of poetry.
    Love you Sami

    Liked by 1 person

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